In today’s interconnected world, the ways in which we communicate are taking on an increasingly important role in our daily lives. At Motif, we understand that reaching your audience and creating engagement require more than just putting words on a page. We strive to work with our customers to generate the highest quality content to connect with your audience, no matter the platform.

From business communications to social media strategy, Motif is dedicated to providing unique, creative, and innovative content solutions to our clients, whatever your needs may be.


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Jonathan Miller

Founder and Creator in Chief

Jonathan discovered the power of content early in his career. After working in financial services, Jonathan moved to an analysis position. From writing thousands of automatic and repetitive articles, he rapidly understood that readers are more attracted to engaging and fresh content. With a newfound resolve, Jonathan founded Motif to help other businesses realize their full potential and discover the power of content. 


Yaniv Cohen

Co-Founder and Thinker in Chief

Yaniv has been building relationships his whole life and has gotten it down to an art form. From convincing his second grade teacher to allow the class 15 minutes more at lunchtime to having large corporations trust him with their core brand messaging, Yaniv knows how to build relationships that achieve results for both parties.



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