The Best Ways to Make Outsourced Content Feel Personal

The Best Ways to Make Outsourced Content Feel Personal

When looking to promote your company or services, it can be hard to find the right voice to do so. While you might not have the resources or time to dedicate yourself to blog writing and marketing, your business needs an online presence, and it can be difficult to organize yourself with other pressing business concerns.

Today, one of the most common options to continue creating these outreach materials and content strategy is to simply outsource. Whether it be offshore, online, or simply to someone you know, handing off your content creation duties to someone else can seem like a tantalizing option—more time to do things while still getting everything done. However, when you let things go, you also run the chance of your message getting changed, lost, or even twisted around into something that might hurt your brand.

So, what to do? On one hand, you can keep on top of your content marketing yourself, and drive yourself crazy with stress. On the other hand, you can find the right organization to handle your content, and make sure that your outsourced work has that in-house feel. Use these tips to get the best out of your outsourced content solution.

Specificity is Key

Giving good instructions to your writer is the key to success when you are defining and implementing a content creation strategy. Knowing what you want and what you need are just small parts of the equation. Understanding aspects such as your target audience, your tone, your style, and how aggressive your writing should be, are all crucial elements when it comes to creating the best content. Without these, a writer will be forced to decide on their own, leading to wasted time, unnecessary rewrites, and content you are not happy with. Communicate with your content creation team and make sure your voice shines through.

Know Your Brand

Are you a business-to-business company? Do you work with retail customers? Are you trying to be “cool” or professional? It is crucial that before you get someone else to extol the virtues of your brand, you understand it inside and out. Work with your outsourced content managers and help them become brand experts for your company. If your content team understands what they are writing about, they can help get the word out infinitely better.

Have a Strategy

While it is easy to assume that simply posting articles to your blog, or updates to your Facebook account is enough, a content marketing strategy is a complex and multifaceted endeavor. You should understand the connections between your website and social media, and be aware of things such as the best times for user engagement, keywords for your company, your most successful marketing channels, and other key elements. If you simply want content without strategy, your outsourced solution will give you exactly what you need, but the results will disappoint you.

Be Visible

Another aspect that is easy to overlook when thinking of your company’s content marketing strategy is where people are going to interact with your content. Writing content does not guarantee that people will see it, and without a reliable way to increase your visibility, you will simply by paying for word counts. Make sure your outsourced content writers understand search engine optimization, and can guarantee that you will be highly visible on places such as Google or Bing search.

Shelling out your company’s hard-earned money on outsourced content solutions can be daunting. It can be tricky to let other people control your company’s message, but it does not have to be a bad thing. If you can define what you need, and find a content strategy provider that can work with you, instead of for you, you can guarantee that your brand will be better off, and your company will have better engagement with your target audience.

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