Branding and Content Strategy: A Primer

With social media and an evolving online landscape changing interactions between customers and companies, branding and content find themselves at a crossroads. While traditionally a brand was heavily visual—thanks to the print and television media that was popular—the internet has created the need for something more. Along with the visual aspect of a brand, companies must now think about what they are saying.
Websites with excellent design are an effective way to get visitors. However, viewers need to connect to a company on a different level. With a strong content strategy, companies can add depth to their brand identity by better expressing their values and strengths. Here are some of the ways companies can connect their branding and content efforts for the best results:

branding, Branding and Content Strategy: A Primer
create a cohesive brand strategy

Use Content to Create a User Journey

Branding and design go hand in hand, as the former always defines the latter. However, design today has evolved to include user experience as well. As powerful as branding and design are, user experience must drive users forward from page to page. Here, content can play a vital role, creating a story that guides visitors and converts them successfully into customers. By crafting content that can express a company’s brand, businesses can create a deeper connection with potential customers.

Create a Better Connection with a Brand’s Target Audience

In addition to providing a narrative, content is an important way for companies to express their brand identity. Be it in the form of website content, blogs, guest articles, or other channels, strong content leads to brand awareness. Moreover, content that sits outside of traditional marketing and advertising channels can lead to more positive interactions with customers. By translating the values of a brand into writing, video, and other content, companies can express themselves more clearly and gain a bigger audience.

Better Express a Company’s Brand Identity

For many customers, a logo or other visual branding element is an introduction. It can say a lot about a company, and lure people in. More and more, however, people are spending their dollars with companies that resonate with their values. Strong, targeted content can expand a company’s reach and communicate their values clearly. Even something as simple as keeping a constantly updated blog can have a significant impact. Brands that take active part in the communities they sell to become associated with the culture in a positive way.

Become an Authority

Nobody questions the fact that Nike makes top-tier athletic gear, or that Apple makes luxury devices. These companies have become synonymous with their brands, and everyone is playing catch-up. Both companies succeeded in being complete authorities in their fields. This may seem out of reach, but expert content and visibility can make a brand known for its knowledge and industry authority. Businesses can communicate their strengths and make themselves the go-to for their target audience.

Target Branding Efforts More Efficiently

One of the biggest benefits of modern online content is that it can be displayed in a variety of ways and places. Companies can take advantage of this and boost their brand by associating with the websites that cater to their target audience. Once in the door, businesses can tailor their content specifically to those potential customers more effectively. By better targeting their efforts, companies can create a strong brand connection and convert people into brand ambassadors.

branding, Branding and Content Strategy: A Primer
Create a powerful brand

Put a Face to the Brand

Potential customers react better to branding efforts when there is a human face behind them. Content is an excellent way to put a brand’s best spokespeople on the front line. A company blog that features articles from a business’s tech team or marketing squad, or even the CEO, can go a long way. Visitors are likely to trust a brand that offers a more human connection to their values, and that seems more in tune with them. By ignoring the traditional sales pitch and opting to create a connection, companies can create brand loyalists.

Optimize your Branding with Strong Content

The first step in maximizing your branding efforts is to think about your content strategy. Motif Content specializes in helping customers find the right message to convey their company’s value. Get started today and create a powerful brand identity through expertly crafted content.

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