Introducing Israel’s Ministry of Economy

A vital government office that focuses on promoting Israeli business interests across the globe.


Our Efforts at a Glance

The Challenge

Positioning Israeli innovation as a driving force behind progress towards realizing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals while demonstrating the expertise of local enterprises committed to bettering humanity.

, Israel’s Ministry of Economy

The Goal

Illustrating the prowess of Israeli sustainability initiatives in a leading publication to build credibility and trustworthiness in front of the premier audience of global investors. Our aim was to excite the audience and rapidly enhance measurable metrics and results, while also building credibility. This endeavor is rather common for governmental agencies of today, and we had a clear vision of the end result at all times.

, Israel’s Ministry of Economy

The Plan

Prior to creating the content, we constructed a 12-stage plan in line with the detailed articles we were about to create. We mapped out the goals of each individual piece, and how each one relates to the overrarching project in line with its goals. Our main aim and guiding principle was to convey the true nature of Israeli innovation – a topic that can often be underestimated or misunderstood in various locations around the world.

, Israel’s Ministry of Economy

The Results

Motif constructed an illuminating series of 12 feature-length articles for the Wall Street Journal that spotlighted the breathtaking advancements touted by Israel technology which in turn are forming the blueprints for achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The end product was a realization of the Ministry’s ambition of showcasing how the Israeli innovation ecosystem is capably tackling these formidable challenges.

The Data That Matters

It is important to realize that added value in the form of content is a major driver in today’s marketing world. We were well aware of this point in this project, and throughout the entirety of what we do as a creative agency.

“…a study conducted by advertising network Adyoulike showed that 57% of people under 34 will happily visit paid-for content if it provides what they’re looking for. And this is the key: we’re increasingly willing to accept brands sponsoring content we want to read, watch or listen to, and our perception of that brand will be positive assuming they’ve brought us something we enjoy, rather than deceptively trying to sell to us.”

-William Stolerman

, Israel’s Ministry of Economy
, Israel’s Ministry of Economy

Motif’s Bottom Line

Planning is one of the most important parts of content creation. Without a clear blueprint that supports the grand goals, one may find the messaging to be fragmented – and this can hinder many goals that companies classically set for themselves.