Specialized Ecommerce Package For Merchants


Words convert. Content is what can make your ecommerce brand truly successful and attract attention in a sea of competition.

In a saturated market with an explosive ecommerce scene, it is extremely rare to find a product that is not offered by various suppliers. For this very reason, creating an impulse sale right here, right now, is a matter of survival on the online sales scene. The image you choose must stand out, the videos you create have to capture your audience’s attention, and the words you use have to seal the deal. In an ocean of bright images and videos competing for attention along with a never-ending supply for the next best thing, there is nothing like good content to make you the one they will choose to buy from.

Here are the reasons:

  • A company that invests in its content, probably invests in its products. Potential customers will instinctively know this on a subliminal level, and an environment with flawless and thoughtful content will build more trust. Not only will you up your odds of closing deals, but you will build a brand image and establish a real connection with your audience. The next time they want to make a purchase, you can be sure they are more likely to come back to you. Images and videos can generate an impulse, but content closes the deal by building true credibility.
  • In the online environment, you need to display as much information as you can, as fast as possible. You only have a few minutes to grab a potential customer’s attention, and images alone are not enough. Creating a multidimensional online buying experience will reduce bounce rates, improve sales stats, and give customers more information about the product they’re considering buying. Answering their questions about the uses or benefits of a product before they’ve even asked is an indispensable part of any sales process and helps you express authority in your field.
  • Content helps you rank in Google and surpass your competition. Search engines like quality content. The algorithm’s main goal is to present all information in a way that is most helpful and relevant for online searchers, and the one way to get ahead is content. Carefully thought-out texts and descriptions that are SEO-optimized will not only bring more potential customers to your product page, but will increase your rankings and site authority as a whole.

Our ecommerce package encompasses short-term and long-term goals alike. We create content designed with immediate revenue in mind. Moreover, we endeavor to understand the bigger picture of ranking your website within your niche while gaining an organic niche.

Package Information:

About Page:

An enticing and SEO-optimized about page that paints a picture of what your brand represents, builds trust, and leads your visitors to check out the product pages

  • 800 words / 1500 words

FAQ Page:

An informative and useful FAQ page that can save you plenty of time by serving your visitors with all their burning questions, before they hit the checkout button

  • 1000 words

Product Descriptions:

Super-converting product descriptions to accompany your images or videos, that are SEO-optimized and sales orientated

  • 1 Product Description For Single-Product Stores
    • 1 SEO Title
    • 1 Meta Description
    • 5 Bullet Points
    • 250 words
    • 1 focus word and competitor research included!
  • 5 Product Descriptions For Small Stores 
    • 1 SEO Title (x5)
    • 1 Meta Description (x5)
    • 5 Bullet Points (x5)
    • 250 words (x5)
    • 1 focus word per product and competitor research included!
  • 10 Product Descriptions For Up-And-Coming Stores
    • 1 SEO Title (x10)
    • 1 Meta Description (x10)
    • 5 Bullet Points (x10)
    • 250 words (x10)
    • 1 focus word per product and competitor research included! 

If your needs surpass what is offered in the package above, please get in touch and we'll gladly create a tailored offer for you.


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