Introducing Koalys

A modern MedTech platform designed to transform hearing care and improve accessibility.


Our Efforts at a Glance

The Challenge

Establishing a new brand in the medical technology field while avoiding the look and feel of medical and pharma marketing copy and creatives that treat all parties as patients. 

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The Goal

Building a brand from scratch that articulates the important competencies that Koalys espouses while conveying the value proposition to traffic visiting the website for more information. We aimed to adhere to Koalys’ core nature as a brand and a venture, while bridging the company over to its predetermined goal and growth milestones.

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The Plan

We rolled up our sleeves and decided how to go about creating a brand language for Koalys that conveys a trustworthy yet cutting-edge company that wants to position itself at the forefront of the field of audiology. We spent time learning about the internal workings of the company and the technology itself, while carefully crafting the brand blueprint and web-based messaging.

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The Results

We delivered a beautiful new brand language complete with top-level messaging designed to balance a persuasive and informative approach. Moreover, the web presence was designed to underscore the cutting-edge technological offerings and accompanying problem-solving capabilities that add value for practitioners, caregivers, and patients alike.

Feedback From Koalys

Motif Content Displayed A Professional And Hands-On Approach

“Motif embraced our vision for democratizing hearing care by delivering compelling messaging that supports our value proposition. From inception to conception and eventual delivery, Motif took a hands-on approach towards ushering this project through all the creative stages while also providing highly constructive input on our approach.”

-Ariel Naggar, Chief Marketing Officer

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, Stories | Koalys

Motif’s Bottom Line

Presentation is everything. It is possible to present your brand in the light you want to, if you establish a language that your customers can relate to, and branding that resonates with your audience.