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The Trust are a intelligence-based agency that specializes in branding and high-level messaging for a variety of companies worldwide.


Our Efforts at a Glance

The Challenge

Contributing quality content that is relevant to the needs of the agency, with an emphasis on accurate research coupled with creative thought.

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The Goal

When creating content, it is important to adapt your messaging and style to the relevant audience. The goal for this project was to create tailored content for the readership of the Wall Street Journal while introducing new readers through our articles. Deep research, innovative writing, and engaging presentation were the leading goals for this project.

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The Plan

Researching the audience is one of the most important parts of any creative endeavor. Getting the know the readers’ preferences and behavior, along with assessing concrete metrics and demographics, creates the perfect framework to create content that can earn the Motif stamp of approval that we so proudly allow to lead everything we say and do. Knowledge is power, and this is why research plays such a large role in our work processes.

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The Results

We delivered a series of articles that were well received by the agency and the readers alike. We managed to address the predetermined queries that were set, while packing our content with value in the form of innovative thinking and smart delivery. We take pride in working with some of the largest agencies worldwide, and we make sure that our output matches the faith placed in us as a professional creative agency at all times.

Building Trust Through Content

To quote the competitive strategy and marketing consultant and author of Killing Giants:

“Trust is built on credibility, and credibility comes from acting in others’ interests before your own.”

In our world as a creative agency, this means giving ample value in every piece we create, and making sure that all content is future-oriented and thought envoking. When you create content in this fashion, with the readers’ interests as your guiding factor, you can build credibility in a profound way.


, The Trust
, The Trust

Motif’s Bottom Line

Quality content is created when you are preparing the framework, and making an effort to generate added value for any reader. Much like an iceberg, the article you see is always just the tip. Behind every written piece there must be ample research, planning, and meticulous execution.