Introducing Vinsent

A disruptive marketplace designed to forge closer connections between consumers and winemaking.


Our Efforts at a Glance

The Challenge

Assisting a disruptive wine startup with building a commanding storytelling presence on a high domain-authority destination to drive awareness, persuade readers, and generate conversions.

, Vinsent

The Goal

Constructing a highly engaging and captivating storytelling minisite to inform readers, illustrate the proof of concept, and drive app download momentum in a sleek and compelling format. Striking the balance between warm and enticing storytelling and professionalism and prestige was the aim of the project with the ultimate goal of generating app downloads.

, Vinsent

The Plan

 As always, we took a deep dive into the topic at hand to learn everything there is to know first-hand. We found that the balance between old and new, traditional and technological, and past and future to be highly interested, and we applied this to our thought process and planning at every single stage of this fascinating project. The plan was multistage, yet with a cohesive and consistent flow.

, Vinsent

The Results

With a stunning combination of illuminating video, enlightening infographics, and enticing copy, Motif constructed a highly interactive storytelling minisite to engage viewers while taking a soft-sell approach. Accordingly, Vinsent’s vision and the audience were deftly examined to deliver an appealing destination that encouraged app download momentum.

The Power of Storytelling

As stated by Ariel Group;

Storytelling enhances memory. It’s easier to remember facts when they’re told in a story—think Isaac Newton and the apple. Perhaps that’s because the part of the brain involved in memory is the same part involved in imagination and story work.

Stories command human attention. The human brain has a strong tendency to lose focus. It is estimated to engage in up to 2,000 daydreams a day and to spend up to half its waking time wandering. In the presence of an interesting story, though, this mental meandering goes to zero.

Stories can change the brain’s chemistry. When captivated by an emotionally engaging story, the brain produces oxytocin, a substance shown to increase generosity, compassion, trustworthiness, and sensitivity to social cues.”

, Vinsent
, Vinsent

Motif’s Bottom Line

When marketing a product or a brand, it is imperative to get acquainted with the topic at hand, the management, and to highly aware of the goals at hand. It is vital to grasp the true depth of a product, and to apply the same set of values and base assumptions to every step of the process.